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High quality custom design uniforms.
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  • Trusted Company

    Sportswear King has over 25 years experience in manufacturing custom basketball jerseys, volleyball uniforms, and other sportswear.  Our strategic production sites located in Cebu, Philippines allows us to provide our clients great product quality at the best prices.

  • Quality Commitment

    Sportswear King only uses premium fabrics, sublimation inks, modern sewing, print and heat press machinery.  We have rightfully earned a reputation for high quality sportswear uniforms, inside and out.

  • 100% In-house Production

    All sportswear uniforms are manufactured in-house from artwork designing, printing, sewing, and post production activities.  This helps our customers save on the overall costs of products ordered and also enables us to deliver on time, every time, as nothing is outsourced.

  • High Capacity Production

    Modern machinery, paired with cellular and line manufacturing processes, allows us to shorten our turnaround time in completing team, volume, and white label orders.

Step 1

Choose from our designs or send your own.

Receive mockup for review/approval. 

Step 2

Fill-up our Order Form then email it to us at

Step 3

Pay 50% deposit via Paypal, debit/credit card, bank deposit/transfer (Wells Fargo). Turnaround is 2 weeks.

Step 4

Pay full payment once uniforms are done.  Wait 3 business days for your order to arrive.